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Yeah maybe -- I have a ton of calf problems in general when running, and I should probably see a running coach or something.

This pretty clearly did make the calf problems even worse than usual though :p

I tried the quick gait:
1. running with a backpack
2. running for exercise without a backpack

I think I'm sold on it for 1, seems better than the long, loping gait I previously used for backpack running

Not sold for 2, seems to wear out my calves quickly

Other things that help you run with a backpack:

1. use both a hip strap and a sternum strap, and tighten both (especially the sternum strap) way tighter than you normally would for walking. In my experience this eliminates most of the jostling of the backpack relative to not using straps
2. instead of carrying water bottle on the outside, put it inside for better balance and no chance of it falling out
3. use a high-quality backpack with good padding, and probably with a rigid back, e.g. ( Also helps a ton with jostling and with not getting poked/smacked by things in the backpack

Have tested all of these a bunch and they help me a ton

Less robustly useful:

1. hold onto the shoulder straps as you run (reduces jostling a bit)
2. smooth your running gait to reduce jostling

Yep that helps a ton! (having tested it many times)

I'd be interested in joining for a Bay Area kickoff!

My distribution

My biggest differences with Rohin's prior distribution are:

1. I think that it's much more likely than he does that AGI researchers already agree with safety concerns

2. I think it's considerably more likely than he does that the majority of AGI researchers will never agree with safety concerns

These differences are explained more on my distribution and in my other comments.

The next step that I think would help the most to make my distribution better would be to do more research.

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