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This lurker has objections to being made to eat his own children and being stripped of pain: SH plan is not a compromise, but an order. From the position of authority, they can make us agree to anything by debate or subterfuge or outright exercise of power; the mere fact that they seem so nice and reasonable changes nothing about their intentions, which we do not know and which we cannot trust. How do we know that the SH ship's crew are true representatives of the rest of their race? Why is it that they seemingly trust/accept Akon as the representative of the Entire Human Race? I think the attitude of Niven's ARM Paranoids is proper here ("Madness Has Its Place").

As an aside, I am glad that I have read the Motie books, and even more glad that I happened to start watching Fate/Stay Night last week. To be this entertained, I would have to be my teenaged self reading The Fountainhead and The Mote in God's Eye for the first time and simultaneously. Thank you, Eliezer, for making me mull alternative ethics and lol simultaneously for the first time.