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Well, speaking your own language, the reality is supposedly not "weird", but nothing prevents a good map of reality to be still weird. There were a lot of moments in development of science when the current, working picture looked weird, until a deeper understanding came. Take, say the expression of quantum basics given by people who failed to "shut up" or just how it was at sufficiently young state. It was the physics of that time (not a reality) and as we agree now it is weird.

So what does prevent our current picture to look poor and odd partially and hence unnatural and nonsense to the subsequent, more advanced generations of physicists, in the same way as I described above, the way the preceding picture seems to us? On the other hand, a genuine attempt to "think like reality" may stick you to, say, idea of wave function collapse, because it is (kind of) what you do observe.

PS, I agree that the reality itself carries a nice history of mysteries being made a reasonable and elegant piece of the physics and I share you feelings towards, say, calling relativity "irregular" when one simply didn't learn it properly. But when Feynmann said that "no one understood quantum mechanics", well, at least no one did understand decoherence at some point, thus, I guess, they had their right to call the apparent physics strange, which was a sign that certain qualitative improvement is to be done here...