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Here is my submission, Anatomy of Prediction and Predictive AI

Hopefully I'm early enough this time to get some pre-deadline feedback :)

You're right, keeping it the cream of the crop is a better idea.

Can we get a list of links to all the submitted entries from the first round?

Thanks! I didn't expect feedback prior to the first round closing since, as you said, my submission was (scarily) close to the deadline.

Congratulations to the winners! Everyone, winners or not, submitted some great works that inspire a lot of thought.

Would it be possible for all of us submitters to get feedback on our entries that did not win so that we can improve entries for the next round?

My submission is on my project blog:

Thank you for hosting this excellent competition! It was very inspiring. This is an idea I've been bouncing around in the back of my mind for several months now, and it is your competition that prompted me to refine it, flesh it out, and put it to paper.

My contact email is