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Two more that don't have hidden agendas:

  • Spirit Island
  • Chinatown

A long time ago, a LWer posted lyrics to a The National song, which introduced me to the band. About a week ago, the band uploaded a new song, with some more interesting lyrics, so I figured I would pass the fun forward. 

Specifically, the lines are:
``Something somehow has you rapidly improving 
Oh, what happened to the wavelength we were on? 
Oh, where's the gravity gone? 
Something somehow has you rapidly improving 
You found the ache in my argument 
You couldn't wait to get out of it 
You found the slush in my sentiment 
You made it sound so intelligent``


This post reminds me of this old song: 

I have seen such porcelain bidets also in Germany. When I was a kid, I assumed they were footbaths, or baths for babies. 

"neither of is is" -> "neither of us is"

"quietly ushered her though" -> "[...] through"

All this knowledge about water, and fully 10% of the time, I can't pour water from a coffee pot without having it spill...

I can contribute a data point to this. A long time ago, a friend of mine studied and lived with a Yup'ik tribe in Alaska. She told me that in their meetings, it was a strong cultural norm to be absolutely silent while the speaker speaks, no matter who they are, until they say the word for "done", even if the person pauses for several minutes. The only exception to this norm was when an elder tells someone younger that they are done, using the exact same word. So I guess the better translation would be "I am/you are done". She told me that this was normally used for guidance/instruction. 

A neighbor recently told me that he discovered that he unknowingly contracted covid, and that he discovered this fact when he went to see a foot doctor for unrelated reasons. The doctor told him that the virus causes blood to clot in the tips of your toes, leaving you with covid toe. The more you know.

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