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Very very nicely written. As someone who suffers from sleep apnea and is incredibly curious about sleep this was a fantastic read. I would say one thing I am not sure you pointed out because I skimmed the apendix part is sleep quality. If you have poor sleep quality you will sleep more and feel tired, thinking you need more sleep. If you have good sleep quality you can get by with less sleep or more variance in your schedule. If you have sleep apnea you are looking at heart disease -> death if you don't sort out your sleep hygeine. 

Yes you should be vegetarian. Not only is this ethically fucking epic, its also epically healthy. I am also trying to go vegetarian. Most people in my culture go vegetarian in late 20s early 30s due to health and morality. While in the encompassing culture, most people are vegetarian from birth. It is truly an epic and admirable thing to do to go from eating meat to saying you do not need the killing of animals to exist or to live comfortably. It's also not a new concept like other concepts debated here. It has a very healthy history of practice and debate and is engrained in theological systems as well. Some people think animals are here for us to consume and others think you do not need to harm other creatures to have a successful existence. Both can be correct.