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Tears Must Flow

Marshalling yourself in this way, reflects poorly on your movement. If I imagine myself as a member of this family, I would react poorly to the behaviour displayed. And would be repulsed by this movement, which can make someone act in such a way. 

Now, I don't share your emotional reaction to animal cruelty, and plausibly I am less empathetic. But consider what your emotional reaction here is doing, compare it to abstract acknowledgement of the harms and kind, thoughtful but confident explanations of your veganism.

And as a matter of scope, your reaction here is incorrect. The terror you saw at that table is as nothing compared to the industrial farming conditions as a whole. Reacting to it as a synecdoche of the agricultural system does not seem useful. It seems paralyzing.  

Also, promoting norms of disassociation among vegans makes veganism even more unappealing than it already is. 

Once cruelty free meats are cheap, and veganism itself becomes a cheap signal, those looking back from the future at your pledge will admire this uncompromising stance. But in terms of actually doing the most good for animals, I suspect it is harmful. 

The Maker of MIND

Thanks. I've written enough aborted novels to know I don't like writing novels, but I will probably write a few more short stories at some point.

The Maker of MIND

This story doesn’t perfectly represent my opinions, and I actually have a lot of sympathy for “mundane utopias”.

Giving Up On T-Mobile

Really wish I could get GV is Canada.

The Maker of MIND

Thanks. Fixed... I mean, the secret meaning was too subtle so I removed it so as to not confuse people.

The Maker of MIND

Thanks! I felt weird using LW's copy-editing feature for fiction and didn't, so this is really helpful. The double spaces were not intentional, ditto with the unclosed quotations.

The Maker of MIND

Nothing conscious, but I have read Metamorphises of the Prime Intellect.

The Maker of MIND

I started writing this for the EA Forum Creative Writing Contest but missed the deadline, so posting it here. 

On Raising Awareness

Yeah, any ideas how to filter for this? Seems difficult not to have this effect on someone. One would hope the smarter people would get orthogonality, but like empirically that does not seem to be the case. The brightest people in AI have insane naïveté on the likely results of AGI.

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