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What ever happened with Coase? The game still coming out? Or just didn't work out? 

I suppose I expect recursive self-improvement to play out in the course of months not years. And I worry groups like OpenAI are insane enough to pursue recursive self improvement as an explicit engineering goal. (Altman seems to be a moral realist, explicitly says he thinks the orthogonality thesis is false.) From the outside, it will appear instant as there will be a perceived discontinuity when the fact that it has achieved a decisive strategic advantage becomes obvious. 

In general, I have noticed a pattern where people are dismissive of recursive self improvement. To the extent people are still believing this, I would like to suggest this is a cached thought that needs to be refreshed. 

When it seemed like models with a chance of understanding code or mathematics were a long ways off - which it did (checks notes) two years ago, this may have seemed sane. I don't think it seems sane anymore.

What would it look like to be on the precipice of a criticality threshold?  I think it looks like increasingly capable models making large strides in coding and mathematics. I think it looks like feeding all of human scientific output into large language models. I think it looks a world where a bunch of corporations are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into coding models and are now in the process of doing the obvious things that are obvious to everyone

There's a garbage article going around with rumors of GPT-4, which appears to be mostly wrong. But from slightly-more reliable rumors, I've heard it's amazing and they're picking the low-hanging data set optimization fruits.

The threshold for criticality, in my opinion, requires a model capable of understanding the code that produced it as well as a certain amount of scientific intuition and common sense. This no longer seems very far away to me.

But then, I'm no ML expert. 

Though slightly horrified about what this implies about zoomer attention spans, this seems to have positive expected value. Thanks for putting in all the effort!

I don’t think this will affect your credibility too much. You made a bet, which is virtuous. And you will note how few people were interested in taking it at the time.

I suppose the new scaling laws render this sort of thinking obsolete. 

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