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I'm 20, an amateur rationalist, currently majoring in linguistics at SF State, and have been enjoying lurking here for the past few months. Ive been absorbing what I can from posts that are slightly over my head, but are entirely enlightening and enjoyable nonetheless. Funny story- I actually came across this site web crawling after reading some Lovecraft, and Yudkowski's post "An Alien God" came up. Not at all what I was looking for, but a thoroughly pleasant find that got me crawling this site for a good three hours before I had realized I had other responsibilities.

Thanks to all the contributors for spilling their intelligence onto the interwebs, and keep the posts coming.

EDIT: The reason I'm not really one to post or comment on this site is that I'm a compulsive self editor. For example, this post, at this time, has been edited about 6 times in the 3 minutes since its original post time.