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Any chance of getting even a minor explanation as to whether or not there is any validity in the information that I have presented?

Hello everyone. I’ve joined this site because I have a goal of being a very rational person. Intelligence and logic are very important to me. Actually I have spent many years seeking truth and reality. Probably the same as everyone else spending time here. I’m not here to prove anything but rather to learn and have my own ideas tested and checked. I’m hoping to remember the rules and etiquette so that I don’t come across the wrong way ( very easy to do when not face to face ) or waste any ones time. I’m a family man who is concerned about my children’s future because of the swift pace of technological change and its resultant social effects. For example, the smartphone phenomena and the increased socialization this allows. Entranced texters on an unrelenting zombie like invasion makes one ask, what the hell is going on here? To me, it’s an emotional issue that is detracting from intellectual growth and the evolution of intelligence. Is it the fall of Rome? Can a few brilliant minds come up with the tools (A.I ?) that will change the masses from heading blindly down a path leading to destruction ? Help required !

People "do that" because a part of social behaviour is, for various reasons, imitated. They may or may not understand completly why their behaviour is the appropriate response but they desire social exceptence and believe the response is appropriate from observation of peers or others in their environment. Thus some behaviour evolves out of a need for exceptance and to be understood.

Don't most people preach the expected but live their desires?

My understanding is, as with most characteristics, that psychopathy is not an either / or, but rather a "to what degree" . Give a psychopathy test to anyone and they will score somewhere between highly psychopathic and a low level psychopath ( even if at certain times ) . I think that the character traits involved, including a lack of empathy for the suffering of others, are the result of an emotional shut down or wall of defence brought about do to various levels of trauma and emotional pain experienced. At the root are psychological survival tactics, however misguided, as well as pain avoidance. Psychopaths learn that goal achievement for them is increased by taking feelings out of the equation. The harder the door is slammed on their feelings and the longer it remains so, the less likely it will be reopened. So psychopathy is not caused by a lack of empathy but rather, a lack of empathy, to varying degrees, is a resultant characteristic of emotional disconnect.