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Since most if not all of these positive pressure only filter the incoming air the suits are Covid dissemination devices if a Covid positive individual uses them. If many people start using them the population risk could conceivably increase drastically. For example a Co+ person using a blow up costume likely infected 43 people in CA. Yes, it's not the same as a PAPR but similarly does not filter outgoing air.

Be careful of two things. Those flushable wipes probably shouldn’t be flushed and eating that many carrots will eventually turn your skin orange.

Answer by BladeDocDec 02, 202030

Glucosamine is used by people with arthritis to reduce joint pain with activity. It would not be used by a group to ill to be active i.e. if you are healthy enough to worry about taking glucosamine you probably aren’t going to die this year. This result is purely selection bias obtained by data mining.

Answer by BladeDocNov 02, 202020

People are not only not rational, most do not WANT to be rational, and value many other things higher than rationality. Remember the story arcs of characters like Spock, Data, and Sheldon do not celebrate their becoming more rational.

Answer by BladeDocOct 31, 202050

I think your question is just based on a wrong premise. I have read quite a bit of World War II history as well asSome history of the Vietnam war and the decisions of Hitler and McNamara in particular are often described as mistakes clearly based on their intellectual ability, cognitive bias, and misconceptions. People don’t necessarily say “this means Hitler was stupid” but the implication that he would’ve done things differently if he were smarter are obvious. Moreover Churchill is depicted as prescient in his assessment of Germany’s rearmament. The words unintelligent and the like are basically just left to the reader to infer.