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Even Pythagoras believed in the laity - laypeople.

Laypeople do not have goals and generally only engage thier reason after action has been taken in order to justify why they did what they weren't thinking about. 

I don't see this as a problem. I think it's just the way it is and getting all people to be actors (instead of being acted upon) is a fool's errand (probably).

Freedom to find a path, to leave a path, to have a path of no path or no path as path. You just have to know why you are pathing/non-pathing and that reason should be rooted in goal attainment. Even if it's not. 

You'll know it when you see it. 

Good post.

What, exactly, is a clinical definition of “long COVID”? Are the people experiencing symptoms long after COVID still testing positive? If not, how can we be confident to call it “long COVID” as opposed to some other cause?

I don’t hang out here a lot. I was “invited” but I’m very different from most people in here. I see “bio security” as an overt attempt at “absolute, centralized genetic control” and consider most international organizations (WHO, UN, etc..,) worthless. It’s better to risk death by hurricane than let anyone control the weather.

I have often wondered why doctors don't first ask: What are you eating? How are sleeping? Any unusual stresses in your life? 

Hello. I’m new.

I was invited to the community by someone who I have spent probably 20+ hours in rationalist arguments with. They seemed to think I belong, which is how I got here. I can proudly say that around certain subjects, my thinking is extremely consistent. Unbreakable, even. Around the majority of subjects, not so much. I have regularly been told I’m “intelligent” by people who are smarter than me. I don’t feel it. My reason for being here is to be able to think better, faster, and more reliably feel in control of my future. The world is changing fast and I want to keep up.

The “starting point” for newbies is Rationality: A-Z. I think. Ha. Is there a condensed version with central principles of rationality that I can find? If you were intelligent, but uneducated, with limited hours to spend on learning applied rationality, where would you go? Like, where’s the “Rationality: for Kids!” section?

(This might be a terrible question with an obvious answer. For whatever reason, I’ve been lurking/reading for awhile and feel like my understanding of it is increasing at a snails pace.)