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Bureaucracy is a world of magic

Buerocracy seems to be tedious at times, but in my opinion it's quite efficient.

Most buerocratic rituals still serve a purpose. There are a lot of decisions to be made by people and they simply want to follow an algorithm. Or a checklist. To do that without friction, people want to normalize their input, that's why everyone insists on the right form. It's standardization. 

Let's have a look where buerocracy is happening: when dealing with money. Nobody wants to be responsible, so everybody is trying to secure a paper trail that proves they made the right decision.

Buerocracy is complementing (or weeding out) the human factor, by it's narrow-minded nature. It enables to make decisions based on the effort someone has put into his credentials. 

Humans equipped with buerocracy are harder to game with sheer salesmanship and less prone to simple errors.