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The Goddess of Cancer declared it was good and returned the the fire.

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The question I cannot answer:

Did the hat choose to play a prank? Did it maintain self-awareness long enough to do so? Or is this a decision that someone else made for the Boy-Who-Lived?

Oh, I'm the Sorting Hat and I'm okay, I sleep all year and I work one day...

It took me far too long to realize what this was a reference to

This is the best damn chapter and I will never be able to read it without laughing.

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Why does this cause Harry's scar to hurt? I can't come up with a plausible reason why Voldemort using magic on Hermione would trigger the resonance.

(spoilers in rot13)

gur jnaq frrzrq ebohfg ntnvafg ybffrf bs fznyy nzbhagf bs jbbq

Jryy, gung'f n uvag V zvffrq gur svefg gvzr nebhaq. V jbaqre ubj zhpu bs uvf jnaq ur erzbirq va gur raq, naq vs vg unq nal abgvprnoyr vzcnpg ba uvf zntvp. 

The ending is a great reminder that these characters are still small children, and behave as small children ought to, though with reasonable exceptions

Got a little dizzy trying to keep up with Harry here I've read this fiveish times and it's still rather confusing

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