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Caledonian: There is no difference at the level of predictions, because I'm not calling for any new laws of physics beyond QM. It's a matter of what makes sense as interpretation.

Don Geddis: I don't agree that "multiple worlds are observed, in subatomic phenomena. That's what superposition is." That is your preferred interpretation. I prefer to think that the wavefunction is real, but it is a function over <i>potential</i> configurations, only one of which is real. Supe...(read more)

So to preserve the illusion of determinism, which is not observed, you concoct the illusion of multiple worlds, which are also not observed. (feel free to imagine the preceding in all caps, to reflect my righteous indignation).

It seems that many physicists are strongly biased to deterministic theories, and that this is a prime selling point for MWI. So we have a configuration space that comprises every possible state of the universe. And we have a wavefunction over that space which evolves deterministically. So game ov...(read more)

Eliezer: No doubt I am missing a lot. I have the idea of the wavefunction as a real thing, and I am not advocating a collapse interpretation. I am also uncomfortable with any kind of preferred basis. My idea is that the configuration space of the universe is the classical configuration space, bu...(read more)

Bob: We may still believe that the universe comprises a single point in configuration space, >>corresponding to a single value of the wavefunction

How is this not immediately ruled out by Bell's Theorem?

Bell's Theorem rules out local realism. I'm going with "non-local".

Does the reality of the wavefunction imply MWI? The wavefunction is a function over every possible configuration of the universe. We may still believe that the universe comprises a single point in configuration space, corresponding to a single value of the wavefunction, along with the value of the...(read more)

OK, so now it's pretty clear you're committed to a many-worlds interpretation. When I'm done with your experiment, I don't see two blobs, just one. Because there is a separate Bob-blob corresponding to each outcome.

This has been a fascinating series of posts. You are suggesting a realistic interpretation of QM. Do you take the real universe to be the (single) point in the universal QM configuration space, along with the single complex value of the universal wavefunction? Or, since the wavefunction is a func...(read more)