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Well to be certain you are taking it out of context to compare it. You are comparing CAT intelligence with HUMAN intelligence! That is not fair. Compare CAT intelligence in groups vs CAT intelligence is isolation then that would be a fair comparison. "Standing on the shoulders of Giants" No matter how clever you are or how super intelligent you might be - you cannot invent everything all by yourselves. The keyboard you type or the monitor you use or the internet is an example of Co-operative Explosion. Each one of us creates a piece of the puzzle that becomes the big picture - each one of us are not capable enough to pull of internet or space travel all by ourselves. We need the research of millions of individuals piled up over centuries to let this happen and I guess that is what the author is trying to convey here. He is not trying to compare Artificial Narrow Intelligence(animal level) vs Artificial General Intelligence(Human Level)vs Artificial Intelligence (perfected human intelligence) vs Artificial Super Intelligence (exponentially capable intelligence). This blog/forum is a live example of Co-Operative Explosion. This blog evolved over a few years with ideas that are embedded by thousands of intelligent individuals at different points of time all of them with different points of view but the net result is beautiful collection of knowledge! Imagine if you hire a few people and ask them to build this blog how foolish that proposition might sound!