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There is obvious class of predictions like killing own family or yourself and such prediction are good example of what absence of free will feels from inside. There are things I care about, and I am not free to throw them away.

But genome have proxies for most thing it wants to control, so maybe it is the other way around? Instead of extracting information about concept, genome provides crystallization centre (using proxies) around which concept forms?

My friend commented that there is surge of cars with Russians plate numbers, and apparently some Russians from Osh (our second largest city) came back also. Surprised to see such a vivid confirmation.

Hope you and your family have taken your covid shots, people don't wear masks or keep social distancing here. 

>Нет войны. Over

At the beginning of last paragraph, should be "войне"

Have you heard about Communist Party?

I can't see how this is argument in good faith. Your choice of using Russia instead of USSR feels intentionally misleading.

The American Government says lots of hypocritical things about regime change and interfering with elections and so on; I think this is bad and wish they wouldn't do it.

Imagine if reaction to this war was like reaction to Iraq. That is scary even for me - as ethnically Russian I feel measure of personal responsibility for this. I did not want Russia to become the second US. But at the same time the difference is striking.

UPD: I am talking about reaction in West, here in Kyrgyzstan reactions are about the same - yeah,"wish they wouldn't do it" (careful, low confidence, it is hard to judge general public opinion by few datapoints)

It don't expect war to be quick and easy a priory. Taking Kiev? Thought alone is nightmare fuel.

I was talking about timeline up to war, not war itself. Ah, I see, happening instead of happened, fixed.

It is an issue that I noted myself and it came up repeatedly in other descriptions: recognition of D/LNR, military moving there, war - all happened too fast. Like script on fast forward. Why?

So it seems China knew something and effectively siding with Russia. But one thing got my attention: they seemed to be surprised by the speed of it. From multiple sources I see this surprise again and again. What happened? Is it just favorable weather conditions?

I don't see avenue for negotiations. Any attempts before was answered with "How dare you?!" and "This cannot stand!". How do you think it was going to be now, after invasion? One reason I was thinking invasion is not possible was that. Complete break up of any cooperative relationship. But maybe Russia looks at it a bit differently: it is already pretty much completely broken, so what's the point? (No excuse for shooting war though - I have no idea why that needed to happen)

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