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Important fact about rocket is that it provides some fixed amount of change of velocity (delta-v). I think your observation of "how long strong gravity slows me" combined with thinking in terms of delta-v budget and where it is best spent brought intuitive understanding of Oberth effect to me. Analysing linear trajectory instead of elliptic one also helps.

Not sure if this help but:


A program that generates "exactly" the sequence HTHTT

Alongside this program there is program that generates HHHHH and HHHHT and HHHTT etc - 2^5 of such programs, and before seeing evidence HTHTT is just one of those not standing out in any way. (but I don't know how specifically Solomonoff induction accounts for it, if that is your question)

Computer viruses belong to the first category while biological weapons and gain of function research to the second.

I think it is not even goals but means. When you have big hammer every problem looks like a nail, if you good at talking you start to think you can talk your way out of any problem.

I'd add that correctness often is security: job poorly done is an opportunity for hacker to subvert your system, make your poor job into great job for himself.

Have you played something like Slay the spire? Or Mechabellum that is popular right now? Deck builders don't require coordination at all but demands understanding of tradeoffs and managing risks. If anything those skills are neglected parts of intelligence. And how high is barrier of entry to something like Super Auto Pets?

Heard that boxfan works best if placed some distance from window, not in window.

I remember reading about zoologist couple that tried to rise their child together with baby gorilla. Gorilla development stopped at certain age and that stopped human development so they had to be separated.

Example1: Timmie gets cookies and I am glad he did even if I am dead and cant see him.

Example2: Timmie sucked into blackhole but I don't care as I cant see him.

Today is raining and asking "why?" is a mistake because I am already experiencing rain right now, and counterfactual me isn't me?

It seems to me explanation is confused in such a way as to obscure decision making process of which questions are useful to consider.

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