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How did experiments with lucid dreaming pan out?

Worked very well for me. I do not wake up to write my dreams, if I wake up at all. When I wake up I try to sleep again to continue the dream, so I can find out what's the dream about actually. I consider lucid dreams like quests, I have to find out something unconsciously which I was failing to find consciously.

What matters the most during a lucid dream? It is how much one remembers conscious life while going unconscious.

I welcome questions.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (8th thread, July 2015)

Hello all,

I am just an other lurker here. Most of the times, I am found in LW slack group. I think, I better had introduced myself earlier. I have zero karma so I am unable to post anything at all. It would be better for me to explore how LW website works.