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Meetup : Winter Solstice Megameetup - NYC

It's going to be a combination Solstice event slash housewarming party as my wife and I recently moved (are still in the process of moving, actually) so I hope nobody's offended if I don't make an open invitation. I am totally open to the idea of attending another meetup though but my availability (due to my work) is quite limited. Our event is the evening of the 21st.

Meetup : Winter Solstice Megameetup - NYC

I haven't been to any LW meetups but I'll be hosting my own small solstice gathering in central Ohio. I gather from your posts surrounding the solstice meetup that you intend for the ritual portion to be adaptable, and for people to modify it as they need? If this is the csae, I'll be pulling some meditations and song recommendations from the 2011 solstice PDF -- is there an updated 2012 version yet reflecting changes based on your experience running it?