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Meetup : Newcastle-upon-Tyne meetup, December

1 min read
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Interesting critique of British education by outgoing advisor (warning: some politics)

13 min read
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Tutoring Small Groups of Children (for money)

1 min read
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On what rationality-related topic should I give a school presentation?

1 min read
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>It would have been wiser for the English governing class to have called upon some other god. All other gods, however weak and warring, at least boast of being constant. But science boasts of being in a flux for ever; boasts of being unstable as water.

GK Chesterton, *Heretics*

(for "god" read "mo...(read more)

because that trivially leads to intelligence explosion

The science material is presented to the reader in good faith, by the protagonist, who is only ever shown to be wrong in his attempts to link the science to magic, not the science itself. If it's attempting to be faithful to the Harry's youthful hubris, then shouldn't there be parts when Hermione sa...(read more)

That being said, is HPMoR really meant as a didactic work?

We are talking about the fanfic where characters routinely block-quote from cogsci textbooks, aren't we?

Oh, I didn't mean to imply I didn't like it! It was a welcome companion for hundreds of long school bus journeys.

I'm getting problems too. The contents pages look like this, for example.

>One of the most common complaints about the old Sequences was that there was no canonical default order, especially for people who didn't want to read the entire blog archive chronologically.

I was *tricked* into doing this. Years ago someone posted an ebook claiming to be the Sequences, but was a...(read more)

>If Harry needed his wand to demonstrate something (which he very plausibly might have), it would have made no sense to take it away.

So have him drop it and a Death Eater confiscate it, and if he says he needs it to demonstrate something, Voldemort can ask "*do you plan to usse it to attack me, ss...(read more)