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"That is to say, the libertarian program and the right-wing program are identical in consequence, but libertarians pretend otherwise, through a process called "wishful thinking". An honest right-winger plans to hold a position of power in an ironclad dictatorship, where the libertarian hopes (or claims to hope) that the consequences of the policies he espouses won't actually be that ironclad dictatorship."

Since you don't like libertarians or right wingers, I assume you would describe yourself as left-wing. Given the stances on which libertarians and left-wingers agree, (which make up at least 50% of the libertarian platform) such as freedom of speech, drug de-criminalization, pro-gay marriage, pro-separation of church and state, etc... you'll have to explain to me how libertarians don't really believe those things, or how they actually do contribute to this ironclad dictatorship you think libertarians are secretly rooting for.

There are criticisms of libertarianism. But it seems rather silly to claim that a political philosophy that so emphatically supports reduction of the power of government is actually a front for dictatorship. Obviously they've just been really good at keeping that secret.