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I was just wondering, on the subject of research debt, if there was any sort of system so that people could "adopt" the posts of others. Like say, if someone posts an interesting idea that they don't have the  time to polish or expand upon, they could post is somewhere for people who can. 

Yeah- the experience really shook me. I'm prone to fairly vivid and interesting dreams, but this was definitely the strangest. 

But this was the final trick, for as soon as Maxwell accepted the two million dollars, the simulation ended.

How would you compare this technique to a more standard mindfulness practice?

Well, I'm setting up a SETI style project looking for extra-temporal info... in other words looking for time travelers. I did an initial set of experiments which were poorly planned out and riddled with paradox, but I've redesigned the experiments and will be starting them soon.

I see. Just running with the premise as it stood.

Do you think it is more likely that r&d will simply cease rather than there being fewer and fewer returns from r&d over time, causing companies to put more money into it to stay competitive? I wonder if the situation might not cause the prices to actually go up, like with medication.

I've been lurking for a while but haven't posted very much. I'm a writer who also enjoys doing weird experiments in my spare time. Hi there :)

I'm also partial to the low hanging fruit explanation. Unfortunately, it seems to me we can really only examine progress on already established fields. Much harder to tell if there is much left to discover outside of established fields- the opportunities to make big discoveries that establish whole new fields of study. This is where the undiscovered, low hanging fruit would be, i think.

This is probably good general advice, but it's a different matter when there is evidence that points to being an actual imposter. For example, when I write novels that do not sell, or blog posts that get downvoted to oblivion, it is difficult to get honest feedback as to how I might improve my writing. The feedback I get is almost always positive, but reviews are self-selected because people rarely are motivated to review something unless they especially like it. Plus, politeness prohibits people from being harsh when you ask for feedback. For these reasons, I am more apt to trust the hard metrics and view myself as a poor writer who has managed to fool a few people. Improving myself is a far difficult task, in light of this. I guess my point is that knowing that there may be a blind spot means you can adjust for it, but it is also an opportunity to actually check it.

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