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I think it may be time for Less Wrongers to begin to proactively, consciously ignore this troll. Hard.

I'm afraid I had the same reaction. XiXiDu's post seems to take the "shotgun" approach of listing every thought that popped into XiXiDu's head, without applying much of a filter. It's exhausting to read. Or, as one person I know put it, "XiXiDu says a lot of random shit."

If a book exists in PDF on the web somewhere, I estimate a 90% of chance of finding it by at least one of the following four methods, which altogether take only a few minutes if you're practiced at it:

  1. Search (You'll have to sign up for a free account the first time.)
  2. Search Library Genesis.
  3. Search Scrapetorrent.
  4. Use a custom Google search and keeping clicking through links until you find a filesharing site link for the book - one that isn't broken yet.

"All that your brain does when you ask it a question is hit "search" and return the first hit it finds" is saying roughly the same thing that Stanovich and other researchers have said about 'default to Type 1 processing', as explained recently in this post.