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Indeed, thank you for all the good times spent reading it, and then reading it again, and also for the thoughts and will to learn more that came with these readings.

There are people who do what they can. And there are also people who don't even try to do what they can, and yes, those people are doing something wrong.

So according to her, someone who's walking away from a fight he could fight is wrong, as is someone who never lift a finger when he could have.

The point is to destroy the Stone and Voldemort's body, which should earn time to the Order to react.

I do not feel that the following dialog:

"How did you destroy all but a remnant of the Dark Lord?"

Harry hesitated. "I Obliviated most of his memories and... sealed him, I guess is how wizards say it. Even if the seal breaks, he won't come back as himself."

Severus frowned briefly and then shrugged. "I suppose that is acceptable."

really fit with what Snape told sooner in the story:

"No," Severus said flatly. "The prophecy is not yet fulfilled. I would know if it were."

"Are you sure of that?"

"Yes, Potter. If the prophecy had already come true, I would understand it! I heard Trelawney's words, I remember Trelawney's voice, and if I knew the events that matched the prophecy, I would recognize them. What has already happened... does not fit." The Potions Master spoke with certainty.

I was expecting a more interesting reaction than just a shrug from Snape.

Good point. He's counting on Minerva to obliviate Draco, which makes it a bit safer.

Memory charmed, forgot even the existence of the magical world, sent in Australia to be restored after the War... is Narcissa actually Hermione's parents?

I agree.

Because Harry's conscience pains him, he'll ask the 12 year old Draco to make a hugely life altering decision when he's in shock and hopeless about the future, and give him half an hour to do so, then hide that decision from him so that he can neither recant nor even know that he ever had such a choice, or made such a decision.

And how is that not manipulative or kinda a lie?!

We do not know for sure. Here are the quotes:

from chapter 6

As his hand touched the back door's handle, he heard a last whisper from behind him.

"Hermione Granger."

"What?" Harry said, his hand still on the door.

"Look for a first-year girl named Hermione Granger on the train to Hogwarts."

"Who is she?"

There was no answer, and when Harry turned around, Professor McGonagall was gone.

from chapter 8

"Were you told to wait for Harry Potter on the train to Hogwarts, or something like that?"

"No," Hermione said. "Who told you about me? "

"Professor McGonagall"

It doesn't look really like her style though.

You're right, I just re-read it, and there is other passages where they react a lot more. I guess the silence is a way to show their astonishment and perhaps remains of disbelief.

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