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A bug I mentioned earlier is having way too strict of a Prune filter, compared to the quality of your Babble. This occurs particularly to people who read and listen much more than they write or speak. When they finally trudge into the attic and turn on that dusty old Babble generator, it doesn't produce thoughts nearly as coherent, witty, or wise as their hyper-developed Prune filter is used to processing.

This quote perfectly describes a problem of mine. I have however, already received advice in the same vein as what's mentioned: let out more of your ideas/words regardless of how good they are--my "good pruning" will eventually leave me with the best of my slew of ideas. While I can't concretely say that I've experienced great improvement in my thought-quality, I can say that I've been able to actually "come up" with ideas. Rather than, well staying silent and having none whatsoever. Upvoted.