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The boundaries of relevante is something to think. A lot of places outside LW have discussions. Political topics was a thing back then, but now apparently people mention is Open Threads, and the most frequent talkers are still posting elsewhere. EA emerge, and with good coordination. However, this does not mean we should stop possible dynamical changes.

Somehow, LW/MIRI can't disentangle research and weirdness. Vassar is one of the guys when make public interviews end up giving this impression.

Bet if companies cut in half the number of 'meetings', the productivity gain would be good enough to make a 40h/week for a lot of workers.

The economic implications of reading LW should be put somehow on the census. Human resources is something the rationality cluster has a lot. Imagine people being paid for insights they put here.

I suspect people actually have defined goals but are not specific enough about actions.

This anti-academic feeling is something I associate with lesswrong, mostly because people can find programming jobs without necessarily having a degree.

Apparently you don´t need a argument to be a nationalist. Guess this is just system 1 working.

Learn math too, to understand data structures, graphs, algoritms and all the basic CS stuff.

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