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Egypt and Israel were at peace the way the US and the Soviet Union were at peace

From what you've said earlier you apparently believe that the USSR was a client state of the USA.

So I can only conclude that you believe either (1) that Israel is a client state of Egypt or (2) that Egypt is a client state of Israel. I regard either of these two interpretations as bizarre, but no more bizarre than thnings you've said on this thread.

Frankly I at a loss to understand you.

If it's OK for the religious to discriminate against people, it ought also to be OK for people to discriminate against the religious.

The kid in Detroit has no possible way of knowing how much of what they see is genetic versus environmental

Surely they could very easily observe that people with dark skin typically have parents with dark skin.

A topical real-life example of this is the DDoS attacks that Anonymous are making against various companies that pursue/sue people for alleged illegal file sharing.

I make no comment on the morality of this, but it seems to be effective in practise, at least some of the time, for example it may lead to the demise of the law firm ACS:law.

Yet you SIAI S^ invite these proponents of global suicide by AI, K-type S^, to your conferences and give them standing ovations.

This seems to me a good strategy for SIAI people to persuade K-type people to join them.

Bush did not kill 10 billion current people (at $1,000 per life) and he massively increased health-oriented foreign aid to Africa

Bush wasn't a candidate in the 2008 presidential election, so it itself it's irrelevant what he did or didn't do. (Of course, you could make the meta argument that a Republican president is likely to behave similarly to another Republican president).

What's so wrong with an open-source program to help people become "Less Awkward"?

Learning new stuff often involves making mistakes until one gets it right. I imagine that if this community was created, many posts would be of the form "I did X recently and it went wrong; what could I have done better?"

Making mistakes in social situations is something that many find embarrassing, so they might want any such field reports not to become public knowledge. Hence, confidentiality may be necessary for people to talk openly.

Remember, the point of evolution is not to survive for as long as possible, it is to f**k as much as possible (for a male).

No, and it's not even to have as many offspring as possible. It's to have as many copies of his genes in future members of the species.

Consider to male proto-humans, Adam and Bob. Adam has sex with his sister, they have 6 children, but all die without reproducing.

Bob never has sex, but is a good uncle to his brothers' and sisters' kids, 4 more of which survive to reproduce than would have done without his interventions.

Which one was more effective at passing on his genes?

"Everyone's special, Dash." Dash: "Which is another way of saying no one is."

Exactly. A person can only be high status by being higher-status than someone else; so one person's high status must lead to another person's low status. So status must be zero-sum.

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