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I also learned to drink from a can in the last year or so, but am unlikely to write it up unless I learn that this is a problem for anyone else ever.


As a person who hasn't yet mastered the art of drinking from a can (i.e. I spill it every time), I'd benefit from the post.

The way this question is asked seems somewhat off to me, mainly because it carries hidden assumption which indirectly create a narrative around this event (and this narrative naturally evokes a strong emotional response and might cloud thinking).

That being said, if it turns out that FTX violated its terms of agreement and thus billions of investments were lost, I wish that FTX Fund grantees would at least briefly considered the complicated moral questions of their next actions. However, if FTX truly becomes insolvent, there's nothing that can be done which would result in an adequate fraction of people's savings being returnered.

Reading this piece about entropy as an abstract concept reminded me of a beautiful story touching on the topic: Exhalation by Ted Chiang (wikipedia page with spoilers).