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Would move into one if it was where I wanted to live, but I'm tied to Canberra for the next couple of years. If Melbourne did this I'd be really tempted.

I like the sound of that strategy, although here I must admit I'm inexperienced in actually using it.

I'm reminded of Ozy's posts on radical acceptance, specifically this one.

gjm's interpretation is what I was going for. Chronological age only! (Warning: link to TVTropes) I wasn't sure how to keep the same form and still have it flow nicely.

I want to grow old and not die with you.

Want children in maybe ten years, might work on me.

Some things that may or may not be obvious:

There may well be a few rationalists in your area you don't know about, who would likely turn up to a meetup if you announced one on LessWrong. I fit that description when some random people I'd never met started a regular meetup in my city. (A second, borderline case: The guy in my math tutorial who noticed I was reading Thinking Fast and Slow, turned out to read LessWrong and HPMOR, and who I mentioned the local meetups to and dragged along.)

If there's an established group in a nearish area, such that you're not in the area but might travel out there occasionally, I'd recommend checking it out. It's not the same as being able to hang out in meatspace more frequently, but is still awesome. See: Australia, Europe.

At the Australian camp, one of our attendees ended up coming through putting his name on the HPMOR wrap party site, a couple of months before, and someone making contact with him. So people interested in HPMOR would be a good bet, if you can find any. Assuming you yourself have read some of and like HPMOR, another angle for proselytising is pestering people you know to read that.

If you happen to also be into Effective Altruism, I'd recommend those groups as well. General EA meetups? GWWC chapter? Random visiting EA philosophers? Aside from the ones who find it through LW in the first place, people wanting to think through their altruistic actions, check if things actually work, and so on may be interested in LW topics.

Scenario 2 sound like it would be bad for me as well as scenario 1. I'm fairly uncomfortable talking about weight goals with most people - it feels like it would be saying I'm too fat or something negative like that, so unless they've revealed a similar problem to me I don't go there. So in that situation I'd expect to feel insulted. It's not a failure mode that I fall into any more, but where I was expecting that scenario to go is "When you read all the posts your brain goes; yeah this is too hard, I feel bad, I want chocolate. And at the end of the month you've gained a kilo."

Might be gender-related. Women experiencing that sort of discussion to go in the direction of judging appearance along with a greater negative affect from being judged unattractive. Men experiencing it being treated as just another health-related goal and being less concerned with judgment if they admit failure.

It's possible that if I did made such a post and read those responses it would go better than that, but it would be anxiety-inducing for me to go about testing that. Tentative suggestion: sharing goals I feel like I "should" be achieving is bad, sharing goals I just want to achieve is variable but expected positive.

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