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Evaporative Cooling of Group Beliefs

You should just flip it around and call it evaporative *heating.* Human groups work exactly opposite to hot atoms; it is the *cooler* ones who find it easier to escape. Then those who are left get hotter and hotter until they explode.

Guardians of Ayn Rand

Technically, the fact that her ultimate fictional hero was John Galt is a spoiler too.

The Library of Scott Alexandria

I don't care. Lots of people have published things that they wish they hadn't. That doesn't give them the right to demand that every book or newspaper or magazine issue that carried those undesirable words be destroyed.

I'm not railing against Scott here; he does have the right to remove things off of his LiveJournal. I'm railing against the nature of the Internet, that makes "de-publishing" not only possible, but easy.

The Library of Scott Alexandria

1. The link for "Epistemic Learned Helplessness" goes to another article entirely.

2. "Epistemic Learned Helplessness" (and all other entries) have disappeared off of Scott Alexander's LiveJournal.

3. I found a copy on the Wayback Machine.

4. This is a travesty. Why have all these posts disappeared? Do they exist elsewhere?

5. *incoherent mumbling about the ephemeral nature of the Internet, and what a gigantic problem this is*

Intellectual Hipsters and Meta-Contrarianism

The Patri Friedman links are dead, and blocked from Anyone have access to another archive, so I can see what he's talking about? There has got to be a better way to link. Has no one come up with a distributed archive of linked material yet?

[SEQ RERUN] I Defy the Data!

Yes, this. It simply shouldn't be necessary—ever—to loudly defy a single result. An I replicated result should not be seen as a result at all, but merely a step in the experimental process. Sadly, that's not how most people treat results.

Here'a another comment replying to the original post. I'm not saying we need nested comments, but they're super awesome.

Here's a comment replying to a comment. Perhaps having a WYSIWYG editor in the comments is too difficult. In any case, I can certainly live with WYSIWYG for wiki pages and Markdown for comments on wiki pages.

So here's a comment. There's no WYSIWYG editing for comments, only posts. Comments are in Markdown. This seems confusing to me (well, I'm not confused, but I don't see the point of having two editing schemes).