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I assumed she posted on her site the articles backed up by references she posted on her Facebook group but I can't find them on her site and I can't link you the facebook one (unless you make an account and like her page first), so I'm sorry for my assumption and poor writing that doesn't do what she is all about justice.

She has a pretty straightforward and simple philosophy, it's to alkalanize the body using only natural and organic means because cancer and tumors thrive on a acidic environment and it also reduces our body's capability to absorb minerals and nutrients as well as impair a cell's ability to repair itself. The body is naturally suppose to be in a slightly alkaline PH, around PH 7.3 to 7.4 and you don't need to be part of her group to confirm that. Her philosophy states that the body is a wonderful natural machine capable of fending and fighting off most diseases and all that we need to do really is to not hinder it's capability to working in optimum condition by eating the right things and avoding the bad. She does and offers a "juice cleanse", it's what she's famous or infamous for (you replace your meals with juice) but I didn't and don't reccomend her for that. I only reccomended her because Juicing as a supplement can do wonders in aiding alkalinizing the body as well as take in minerals and nutrients in a easy couple of gulps. I like her group because she is active in it and always answers questions I have like "Why don't carnivores in the wild get more cancer?" And "so cow's milk is bad for us because it is not meant for us what about about drinking human milk?" and always provides me with factual answers.

I aplogize for being unclear but I do not see how I am generalizing, fruits and vegetables are good for you and dairy (cow's) and refined sugar is bad. Might have just gotten a wee bit teensy too excited on my first post because this is a health and fitness topic and I am sort of a healh and fitness buff :p

Hello, my name is Cam :]

My goals in life are:

  1. To build a self sufficient farm I with renewable alternative energy and everything.
  2. Acquire financial assets to support the building of my farm and other hobbies and activities I pursue. 3 .To further my fitness and health and maintain it.
  3. Love and Romance.

That's pretty much it, hahaha, I want to learn the ways of a Rationalist to make the best decisions and solutions for problems I might encounter in pursuing these goals! I have a immature or childlike air around me, people tend to say, which is why I am often looked down upon me and not taken seriously. I think it's how I construct my sentences maybe? My English is only at decent quality. Maybe I just see things too simply and positively people see it as being naive? Well, Anyway, I look forward to having you as my one of my buddies! :D

Well my theory concludes that Albus is behind the whole thing and that the body found is only a fake, how are we even sure that is the real Hermione and not some sort of magical clone? The only reassurance we got was when Albus whooshed back in and said he felt a student pass away. He could well be easily lying. The other professors were probably too shocked to double check the authenticity of the body. Assuming that the wards on the student's safety and castle threat detection only alerts the Headmaster then it is quite possible that Albus is behind the whole thing and the real Hermione is somewhere safe.

I download loads of music and audiobook and books (though it's more bothersome to read while moving) and listen to them on my commute to work, it takes me around 45 minutes commute to get to work via train system and it takes the same time to get back home. Doing this, I totally don't mind the commute. Look forward to it even since It was the only time I get to read or listen to anything.

I am here hoping Albus faked the whole thing since only he can sense if a student had passed away in Hogwarts right? He was the one who said he felt a student die and he could be lying and put up this whole elaborate show to protect Hermione (the enemy would think she is dead and therefore stop targeting her) and teach Harry (even brought him his parents), Mcgonagall and all of Hogwarts the lessons the past couple of chapters teached us without the actual consequence of a student dying. Does it make sense or is it really just my wishful thinking?

You should give Juicing a try :] Yes, I know, tacky site but it has worked wonders for me, my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), my skin and energy in general! :D I like this because she isn't to the extreme everything-is-better-raw vegan and actually adjusted her beliefs when given sufficient proof AND backs up her articles with scientific studies and references. I still follow a high raw vegetalble diet, no milk and refined sugars but do occasioanlly indugle in some salmon, chicken or steak (I love steak too much to let it go) once or twice a week. She can go to the extreme though, in terms of buying a expensive water filtration system to make sure her water has the righ PH level and has no flouride, chlorine or any harmful chemicals in it but yeah that's high level raw organic vegan tier hahaha, all you need really to start is fruits, vegetables and a juicer or blender. :D Just wanted to clarify that this diet only intends the fruit and vegetable juice as a supplament, not a replacacement to whole meals. I have enrolled to do Boxing or Muay Thai for physical excercise and before that I dancened, hula hooped, ran or did jumping rope for cardio and planking for core strengthening and it has worked but now I just want to achieve something elsewhile working out :p

Maybe, though, you just need to re-organize or be stricter with your schedule to include both working out and study time.

Edit: typing on a ipad is tricky

I have taken Home Ec in highscool and it barely had enough subtsance but only because they were doing it wrong, they taught us how to sew a button hole, fry an egg and screw in a lightbulb but not how to organize a house. I had only my shallow Home Ec book required for class which looks more like arts and crafts really. any books relating to Home Economics I have read is "At Your Sevice: Memoirs of a Majordomo by Desmond Atholl", a biography of a Majordomo who serviced many a celebrity and powerful clients. And while the usual 30 bedroom mansion he has to command and organize is definitely not my 2 bedroom apartment I still picked up a couple of vital things in keeping a home clean and in optimum condition.

A ideal home is basically Clean and Efficient, that is all there is to it. It's a verry personal thing so I can't tell you how or whether you should fold or hang your clothes since I don't know if you own a cabinet or a drawer or if it's even ideal to your bedroom arrangement. You can use your err.. Rationality? XD to figure most of it out and whatever you have problems with you can ask us. :] Also, just to be clear, I don't recomend the book. If it just takes too much time and effort figuring Home Ec, you should just hire your own Majordomo haha

Suprisingly interesting topic. Like how a disorganized book collection, which you might take more time finding the book rather than reading it, should be organized. The homes we live in should follow the same if not better treatment since we wake up in it everyday, for most people it's also where they spend the most money. I wish they tackled these in HS Home Ec :c

I'm a graphic artist who just recently quit her job, we ended in good terms, they said they would put in a good word for me if ever I use them as reference. I have been doing weird freelance jobs which includes but is not limited to, furry porn, live portraits of people's dogs, portraits of people's houses and doing live demos in front of students. I barely make enough from these.

I have entered a food booth contest, I am going to present them Japanese Curry and Omurice (Omelette Rice) I am hopeful to make it into the finals. I really want to get into the food industry as it is one of my passions.

I am doing series of paintings with Teenage Pregnancy and Overpopulation as it's theme, the gallery sponsoring me has ceased it's support in favor of a international artist that is touring the country. If you're interested in seeing them I posted one on my Tumblr:

I am contemplating on enroling in business classes or confences to learn more about finances, I have saved enough money and am willing to invest to further my assets but I am still unsure of the specifics.

I have enrolled in a gym offering Boxing and Muay Thai, and I plan to be more strict with my diet. Going to folloe a mostlt raw vegan diet with sushi or chicken once or twice a week.

Working on my Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons campaig ( In which I am Dungeon Master) with friends next week. Busy with bullshit haha XD