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Yeah, disregarding error bars, the LVT is clearly better than taxes on productivity. Natural experiments referenced in the ACX series show good results in practical scenarios. This is something I know that is more valuable than the current status

Similarly I have observed that there is no non-spiritual reason to prefer a high minimum wage to an increased earned income tax credit, but even large majorities of Republicans are in favour of minimum wage raises. So I can see that I have a very significant relative advantage to a lot of people

In 2007, in the face of a severe economic downturn as Help Wanted signs vanished province wide, the moderate conservative Premier of the most conservative Canadian province raised minimum wages significantly. My comparative advantage was quite painfully exposed. Even if I'm at the 25th percentile of people with it, it would take at least a decade of data updating me the other way to think I am not in that category

I can see I made a mistake in not leading with "If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing With Made Up Statistics" by Scott Alexander, and unfortunately don't expect to succeed in attracting significant engagement after starting off on the wrong foot!