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Since figuring out human values is hard, what about, say, monkey values?

Consider the trilobites. If there had been a trilobite-Friendly AI using CEV, invincible articulated shells would comb carpets of wet muck with the highest nutrient density possible within the laws of physics, across worlds orbiting every star in the sky. If there had been a trilobite-engineered AI going by 100% satisfaction of all historical trilobites, then trilobites would live long, healthy lives in a safe environment of adequate size, and the cambrian explosion (or something like it) would have proceeded without them.

Approval Extraction Advertised as Production

Altman's responsiveness test might be more useful if it measured a founder's reply time to an underling rather than to the guy holding the purse strings/ contact book.

Approval Extraction Advertised as Production

An alternative hypothesis is that Graham has a bunch of tests/metrics that he uses to evaluate people on, and those tests/metrics work much better when people do not try to optimize for doing well on them

Isn't it a bit odd that PG's secret filters have the exact same output as those of staid, old, non-disruptive industrialists?

I.e., strongly optimizing for passing the tests of <Whitebread Funding Group> doesn't seem to hurt you on YC's metrics.

Apocalypse, corrupted

Relatedly, is there any work being done to come up with distance measures for agent states (including any of momentary experiences, life-sums, or values)? We talk a lot about marginal and absolute value of lives and make comparisons of experiences (motes vs torture) - what, if anything, has been done to start quantifying?

It turns out that measuring the distance between possible worlds is...complicated.

For the past, in some ways only, we are moral degenerates

What about when the poor men come barging through the rich man’s gate? I take it that too is factored into the divine plan?

Why does category theory exist?

And what interesting insights into reality does it give us?

Risky question to ask when dealing with pure mathematics

Evolution "failure mode": chickens

I don’t think people should use this site to promote their personal blogs. Sure, you can add a link to your blog at the bottom of your post, but this teaser excerpt BS is really irritating. I don’t click through just out of principle.

If you have something to say, post the whole thing here. If I like what you have to say, I might check out your other stuff, but I’m not going to be forced into it.