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Let's See You Write That Corrigibility Tag

I assume “If you've somehow figured out how to do a pivotal act” is intended to limit scope, but doesn't that smuggle the hardness of the Hard Task™ out of the equation?

Every question I ask myself how this approach would address the a given issue, I find myself having to defer to the definition of the pivotal act, which is the thing that's been defined as out of scope.

[Link] "The madness of reduced medical diagnostics" by Dynomight

By which I mean to imply:

How much of the problem is mistaking the act of providing input to a deterministic system for the act of providing information to an agent with discretion?  Or (in less-absolute terms) making an error regarding the amount of discretion available to that agent.

[Link] "The madness of reduced medical diagnostics" by Dynomight

“The system doesn't know how to stop” --HPMoR!Harry

On The Spectrum, On The Guest List: (v) The Fleur Room

The more things change…

Forestalling Atmospheric Ignition

They had almost precisely his reaction:

"Exactly," Compton said, and with that gravity! "It would be the ultimate catastrophe. Better to accept the slavery of the Nazis than to run the chance of drawing the final curtain on mankind!"

When Teller informed some of his colleagues of this possibility, he was greeted with both skepticism and fear. Hans Bethe immediately dismissed the idea, but according to author Pearl Buck, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Arthur Compton was so concerned that he told Robert Oppenheimer that if there were even the slightest chance of this "ultimate catastrophe" playing out, all work on the bomb should stop.

So a study was commissioned to explore the matter in detail, and six months before the Trinity test, the very first detonation of nuclear device, Edward Teller and Emil Konopinski announced their findings in a report with the ominous title "Ignition of the Atmosphere With Nuclear Bombs."

"It is shown that, whatever the temperature to which a section of the atmosphere may be heated, no self-propagating chain of nuclear reactions is likely to be started. The energy losses to radiation always overcompensate the gains due to the reactions."

On The Spectrum, On The Guest List: (iv) Silencio

“I notice a small grin ripple across my face. I ask, ‘Who’s on First?’

Forget the sensory sensitivity, the meltdowns, the feeling of knowing where each and every hair follicle is being bent the wrong way by an article of clothing: the inappropriate involuntary grin is the feeling I can't stand the most in this world.

On The Spectrum, On The Guest List: (ii) LAVO

I notice I'm confused… in precisely the same way I'm confused when I go out.

What DALL-E 2 can and cannot do

But… Firefly!  Season 2!  It's not all about the lantern jaw…

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