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Fun with +12 OOMs of Compute

Consider Stockfish + NN searches 25 moves ahead on modern hardware. Considering a branching factor of 10 this means Stockfish +12oom will see 37 moves ahead. Some games last less then 37 moves. This is really cool indeed

Rational Toothpaste: A Case Study

I suggest always drinking a glass of water after eating anything sweet and or sour before washing your teeth. Also if you drink coca-cola just stop, it is the most probable cause of the huge number of cavities that you are suffering from.

TAPs for Tutoring

Paraphrasing is good because you can express the same thought in multiple ways in natural language. Repeating the words is something a tape recorder can do, paraphrasing means going WORDS -> MEANING -> WORDS, so, if the last step is correct, the middle one is likely to be correct too. For example F = ma -> reality of motion -> so you say ohh like when you slide a lot on ice on rollers because there is so little friction (force)

Aim to explain, not persuade


Don't was your time -> Don't waste your time