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In my experience with three life insurance agents for cryonics, all of them love to talk on the phone and make unsolicited phone calls. I didn't try at any point, but if you prefer to not talk on the phone, take care to explicitly say that you'd like to work over email (perhaps in your initial emails).

The state of New York apparently has some regulation or something which makes it difficult to do life insurance policies which fund cryonics.  When I talked to David Donato, he couldn't help me at all, and when I talked to Rudi Hoffman, he sent me to another agent, Mark Granoff, who apparently has the requisite credentials to do life insurance for cryonics in New York. From that point on I did everything with Mark Granoff and that all worked out fine. So just FYI. Probably still worth going through Rudi to get the referral. (This was in December 2021)

I just completed my cryonics signup process (just received my medical necklace and everything) using this guide. Thank you for such a great guide, it helped me stop cryocrastinating!

I chose Alcor; I wanted to fund with a trust, but they don't currently support that, so I chose 10-year term life insurance so I can re-evaluate my funding in 10 years.

I started my signup process November 2021 and finished it September 2022. The majority of the delay was March 2022 to September 2022, where I procrastinated on getting together two witnesses in front of a notary to sign the required documents. I should have been more willing to ask random people/friends to do it with me. (I was worried that my friends would think it's weird)