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"What's left, when God is gone?" I'd assert that it might be pretty anti-climactic and people and societies might be very similar to how they would be without a God concept. I doubt that people would be any more motivated to understand their environment than they wouldve been and probably as irrational as ever, however without the excuse of religiosity. I see wars as being men's sexual frustrations in part and societies evolution happening in stages however the world is becoming less violent and induvidual rights becoming more universally accepted. Im with AC Grayling when he says words to the effect of religions are dying out, like a cornered animal they are becoming louder and more frantic however religion is in decline. As for "whats missing?" More ways to love and be creative, more ways to enjoy living, better treatments for diseases, cures for depression and the common cold, cancer etcetera, longevity, meaning, fulfilment, ethics...