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Meetup : Brussels meetup with Cat

Wanted to let everyone know that I will be an hour late because of train complications ('m arriving from Frankfurt today). Hope to see you all soon. Cat

Meetup : Brussels meetup with Cat

I hope you can make it. I'll do my best to stay entertaining long enough for you to come :)

Meetup : Helsinki meetup with CatM (CFAR instructor) as special guest star

Thanks for setting this up, Kaj! Looking forward to it!

Meetup : Paris Meetup: Sunday, May 26.

Looking forward to meeting you all! See you on Sunday.

Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and endorsements! I'm not certain I can live up to the awesomeness people have painted me with but I'll do my best to make you all proud :)

The past few weeks have been a mad dash to get plans settled and travel arrangements set. I'll do my best to respond to all the kind invitations (I'm sorry if I've had delayed responses, I'm wading through emails as you read this). My itinerary is set for the first few weeks of my trip. My plans after May 15 are uncertain as we haven't decided if I'll be returning to San Francisco to teach at a CFAR rationality weekend seminar or if I'll be continuing on my Europe visits. I will post my plans as soon as they're settled.

My itinerary today-May 15 are as follows: Edinburgh: April 30-May 1 Oxford: May 1-May 3 Berlin May 3-May 4 Switzerland (St. Gallen and Bern) May 5 -May 7 Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) May 8-May 11 London May 11- May13 Oxford May 13- May15

~possibly returning to San Francisco~ ...if not

Austria (Vienna and Bratislava) May 17-May 21

After Austria I'm working out my schedule. Places that I'm likely to visit if my trip is extended are: Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) Brussels Frankfurt Amsterdam Helsinki Copenhagen Riga Paris Madrid Dublin Cambridge Tel Aviv (not Europe, I know, but closer to Europe than America) If I haven't listed your place and you'd like me to come, please email me with preferred dates and I'll add you to the scheduling labyrinth! If I have listed your place and you'd like to meet, please email me with preferred dates, too.

I'm available for (and very interested in) meeting for meals, coffee or any other social-type interaction (1 on 1 or groups, all welcome). If you'd like to get together please email me and I'll slot you in for a visit. The rumours of my friendliness are true. I love meeting and getting to know people and it's hard for me to think of many people I don't like/get along with.


Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

I'd love to visit the May 18th meet up in Vienna (I noticed you're speaking at it, I'm looking forward to that!) My plans post May 15 are still a little uncertain, but as long as I'm in Europe during that time you can expect me to come visit :)

Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

I absolutely can visit Moscow! I'm waiting to receive more info on my itinerary but I expect I'll be able to make it out to Moscow sometime during the last week of May/first week of June.

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