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I think there is a discussion to be had about if a country that has countless military bases of another country in their land is occupied of just an "ally" It's not clear to me there is a big difference in practical terms. 

How could one end up taking the correct medication without knowing first that they're lactose intolerant? 

I don't see how that could happen. To end up taking lactose pills you need to know there is something wrong with your lactase tolerance in particular. 

I don't see how Claiming hate speech changes anything about the underlying ideas. 

I have done fasts before, but I did not partake in this year Vavilov Day, because, well, my birthday happens to fall in one of those days. 

Thinking about it afterwards, I should have. And I think this could be a positive thing to do for most people. Let me expand on that thought. 

  • First, Most people have never been in a state where their body does not have food in their stomach, and the sets of feelings that come with it are interesting and thought provoking at the least, and can be life changing at best. most humans historically have fasted, voluntarily and involuntarily, and I don't think removing these set of experiences fully from our life it's a good thing, so any effort on bringing it back is a net positive in my eyes, but again, I do fasts from time to time. 
  • Second, Done with a bit of care, meaning, taking enough electrolytes, the Keto Flu feeling disappears, and you are left with the feeling of constant energy that Ketosis gives you, which can be an interesting feeling, plus, Giving a break to our digestive system is actually valuable. 

The reason to celebrate Vavilov with a fast makes sense to me. Specially when doing a fast can increase focus, and celebrates a historical event that really changed the world. 

I hope to get in the bandwagon next year.