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Moved it to its chronological position within the workshop schedule, which should help with that.  Thanks.

The definition for Project Eggplant being absent is both a) a deliberate joke, and b) an actual (if overly cute) explanation of the term "Project Eggplant."

Per discussion below under Valentine's comment, the Seeking PCK class has been broken out into its own standalone essay.  Another flash class (on thought lengths) has been put in its place in this entry.

Yes, this is correct.

But the policy "go with your gut" is insensitive to circumstance, and cannot e.g. account for times when "guts" are the wrong tool to trust.

"Instead lean into a metaphor of facilitating a conversation between parts from a position of kindness and open curiosity" is ... straightforwardly what the essay above recommends?

For the first couple of times, you should set aside 30-90 minutes and do all the steps in full, on paper.

After that, you can do much faster five-minute or five-second versions.

I think you can usually manage to boot up the conflict even when you're not in the moment; most (i.e. literally more than half) participants at CFAR workshops had nonzero success doing IDC just ... right then, when we taught it and told them to.