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The idea of immortality always brings up the logical holes in religious beliefs. For example, if God is immortal and all powerful, existing in the past present and future, he would by definition be out side of time. Why would a being outside of time care when or where we die or anything else that could happen to us. To it, we would never die and always be dead.

Plus, the 1st 100 years in heaven sounds good, but the next 2 billion.......

The main focus for many newer efforts to control mosquitos, especially the efforts focusing on genetically modified vectors, is on temporary local extinction. For many mosquito borne human diseases (malaria, dengue chikungunya....) we, humans, are the only known hosts. Killing all of the mosquitos in an area, allowing all sick/infected people to be treated/recover, then allowing mosquitos to repopulate the area would, in theory, end disease transmission. I don't know if we fully understand the ecologic impacts of something like this but, listening to the experts you hear everything from mosquitos don't matter to dragonflies will go extinct. Hard to parse out the truth.