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Shit, man. I got no skin in the game as far as being a "real scientist" goes, or even studying evolution or biology and gene editing in a traditional sense, unless you count the unquantifiable amount of nights I suddenly look up at the clock and go

"god damn it. it's 430am, and I have work tomorrow. at 7am. WHY the entire and actual fuck did I just spend the last 6 hours reading about CRISPR, evolution, and advanced nuclear theory?"

that said, I got here because it's taken me this long, from when I first started looking this shit up when I was about 22 or 23, until now at age 35, to think:

"hmmm. I wonder if there's a confirmed case of a species evolving to be so efficient in it's environment, that the need to be good at sometime, or strong, or fast, or whatever, that it allows for mass complacency, which, over time, resulted in total extinction."

this was the first Google result from putting in "has a species ever evolved to extinction scientifically confirmed". and I'm not disappointed. it's so fucking refreshing to read something like this instead of what I see on my Twitter feed. god damn I miss smart people.

thanks for keeping this up on the web and paying for it's hosting for, judging by the comments, over 15 years. we need more of this.

cheers from California.