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Wisdom for Smart Teens - my talk at SPARC 2014

In exchange of your knowledge, I think I should add that I know of a website ( ), where you can specify your "interests" from a list, and pressing a button brings you a page on the subject (relatively recent, so that you don't get a false or outdated information).

I have found already many texts of the same quality as here on the pages I read (currently ~50K), and I believe you could greatly benefit from using this website. You should just be cautious about what I call "infected interests" : they sound appealing, like "Psychology" (note : I am not sure Psychology is one of them, just check). But their content is filled with basic or unsupported claims that make the whole "interest" not suitable for learning and often annoying (like you could find "The 10 Most Bizzarre Signs That You're A Psychopath", hence why you would unsubscribe from the interest "Psychology" : because it's just clickbaits). I currently have subscribed to more than 50 interests (math, physics, biology, sociology, archaelogy, nanotechnology... some of them are slight variations, like biotechnology and bio engineering), and I sometimes have trouble counting the amount of different informations of all kinds I have seen in one day.

Wisdom for Smart Teens - my talk at SPARC 2014

Well thank you very much ! And sorry for taking some of your time (to find out which article to give me).

I've got quite a lot of reading now (I figured out already that many articles are wrote in response or in reference to yet an older article that you need to read first, and I started training speed reading for that matter). You don't really have any "responsability", as being on this website was already the right choice for me, and I think I would probably eventually stumble upon those articles that you pointed out (I just feared that, not finding the specific important articles, I'd stop reading Less Wrong out of interest).

Wisdom for Smart Teens - my talk at SPARC 2014

Hello, this is my first post on this website, I am currently sixteen. So to help me discover the concept of this website better, I would like someone to point me to recent posts considered as "important" by you (this is always purely objective, I think). Since you wrote you wish you had known about Less Wrong when you were 15/16, I think you were unconsciously talking about several particular things you've seen, and watching them could help me.