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«Membranes» for AI safety: Chipmonk's best posts


I like how detailed this post is

Update: I've attached a video that CoffeePie just sent me to the post

and use it!!

note: if you plug it in to your computer, your computer may automatically try use it for audio output too for some reason. Remember this if you plug it in and realize you can't hear anything. 

Also, if that happens, when you change the audio output to fix it, make sure that you don't also change the audio input and forgo the microphone. (If you're on a mac, hit the volume button in the menu bar while holding Alt to manually select the audio input separate from the output.)

Go and make a brokerage account with Schwab or Fidelity (whichever seems less annoying to set up)

Personally I use Wealthfront because the UI is gorgeous. I say this after having used Vanguard. I haven't used the others though. Referral link.

Does the financially support include housing (separate from the stipend)?

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