Boundaries agenda updates in the last few months.

“What does davidad want from «boundaries»?”

davidad and I had a lesswrong dialogue I recommend reading.

If you need a refresher on boundaries, read both the above dialogue and the website.

Conceptual Boundaries Workshop

We ran Conceptual Boundaries Workshop on Feb 10–12.

In attendance: David ‘davidad’ Dalrymple, Scott Garrabrant, TJ (Tushant Jha), Andrew Critch, Allison Duettmann, Alex Zhu, Jeff Beck, Adam Goldstein, Manuel Baltieri, Lisa Thiergart, Abram Demski, Evan Miyazono, and me.

For more about what we discussed, see Evan’s personal retrospective.

Supported by The Foresight Institute, Blake Borgeson, and the Long Term Future Fund.

ACX Grant

Scott Alexander granted us $40,000 for boundaries projects and workshops.

Mathematical Boundaries Workshop

Mathematical Boundaries Workshop is running this week for 5 days. Goal: develop boundaries math further, ultimately for application in real-world scenarios. Many category theorists are in attendance.

We are inviting a few guests to hang out at the end of the workshop — this Sunday morning, Berkeley CA. Email me if you’d like to come.

davidad’s ARIA programme now live

davidad’s ARIA programme for safeguarded AI is now live and soliciting applications for the first phase (>$74M over 4 years). See the ARIA page.

future updates


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Any technical results yet?

Thanks for asking. This is the intention of Mathematical Boundaries Workshop which is running now. Let me know if you'd like to come on Sunday