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How much money will be raised by special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) in initial public offerings in the year 2021?

To clarify, I'm looking for the number of new SPACs that issue equity times the average amount that they raised. I am NOT looking for the amount of money raised by the companies that were eventually the acquisition targets of these SPACs.







How many days after August 1st, 2020, will the FDA issue an Emergency Use Authorization for a product that performs some form of COVID testing directly in the home, meaning sample collection, molecular biology, and diagnostic result delivery can all be done without a user leaving their home?

Access to cloud computing is fine. Tele-guidance from a trained healthcare practitioner or anyone else is fine.



Any ideas on how software engineers can specifically hedge against the risk of software salaries declining? I ask because in the case of software specifically it isn't intuitive to me whether in worlds where software salaries have gone down we should expect tech company valuations to have gone up or down. In any other industry it feels clearer cut to me that the way to hedge against your own career capital risk and salary risk is to divest from the industry your work experience is in.