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Covid 12/2: But Aside From That

"Omicorn" was a really funny mispelling

Thomas Kwa's Bounty List

Still use Roam? I use Obsidian and it seems like people are switching from Roam. Probably not that useful if you're used to Roam though.

Thomas Kwa's Bounty List


  • I see you already have this in your doc, but for me a chilipad really helps. (although maybe this isn't as helpful if living in the Bay Area, but if you ever move then definitely)
  • blue/green-blocking glasses
  • lights that change brightness/color throughout the day. 
    • I don't use an alarm to wake up, but instead I have my lights turn on bright. much calmer. I used to use a light-alarm clock, but having smart lights is better.
    • lights turn dim at 5pm, then completely red at 6pm, and then off at 8pm and I sleep at 10pm. Light has a big effect on me, and if I turn on the lights I seem to take another half hour to fall asleep
  • check for snoring/ sleep apnea. Can get really bad if not caught.
Covid 7/1: Don’t Panic

Result: Positivity rate of 2.4% (up 0.6%) and deaths decline by 8%. 

Should this be "0.6 percentage points" rather than "0.6%"?