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Rationality Quotes April 2014

You have to like to learn how to be a wizard.

Rationality Quotes August 2013

Only if they won't let you throw it away.

Rationality Quotes August 2013

It's a cautionary tale about Norwegian food.

Theism, Wednesday, and Not Being Adopted

The second part is largely a filtering effect, yes. I probably should have left that part out. But the first part was a study done on Mormons, not ex-Mormons. Extreme sexual guilt is a big part of growing up Mormon.

I've heard a number of stories of "good" Mormons getting married and finally being allowed to have sex, and... they can't do it. They can't handle it. Or they manage to, several days later, only to end up feeling horribly guilty about it, locked in the bathroom, crying...

It's not a happy religion.

Theism, Wednesday, and Not Being Adopted

I read this, and thought of Wednesday: "Among all American religions, Mormonism is the single most sexually guilt ridden. Mormonism scores 37%% higher in sexual guilt than even Catholics."

from here:

I don't know how many ex-mormons you've talked to, but I've talked to quite a few, and in nearly every case we were miserable in the church, and much happier outside of it.

Rationality Quotes August 2012

Which got even more upvotes... [sigh]

Please don't become reddit!

Meetup : Portland Meetup?

I only just got into town. :-)

2011 Less Wrong Census / Survey

Just took the survey. It was odd how only the word "Other" was translated into the Norwegian "Andre"... and everything else was in English.

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