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Answer by cistranApr 25, 2021-10

In 12 months US experienced a rate of infection of about 33%. In 4 months, Indian infection rate will be about a third of that, so 10%, unless their dominant variant has a much higher R0.

How many cases of COVID were detected in your child's school in one year?

Nobody seems to be doing any cost/benefit calculations on masks. Particularly when it comes to fully vaccinated people wearing them. Why are we not doing it, especially the cost part? The benefits at least are tractable. But the costs are not easy to calculate. Obviously they are bigger than the cost of masks themselves, time it takes to properly take care of them one way or the other, and the cost of their disposal.

A potentially more interesting question is what vaccine effectiveness as a function of time looks like near its protection expiration date. Not much data to answer this one yet. May become relevant in 6 months in a worst case.

Here is another ironman for FDA decision based on nothing at all. What if they are scared of unknown long term effects and take any confirmed problem as a red flag pointing to unknown long term effects. This would push them away from moustache twirling villains category.

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