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December 2009 Meta Thread

You're right, all lower-case "i" for the first-person pronoun in comments thus far. Those were my biggest reasons for not being more suspicious.

December 2009 Meta Thread

In the response he claims that his spelling and grammar errors were intentionally adopted as a trick, but then makes more in the response. Likewise with respect to crude and offensive language. The guy has been caught lying about numerous other things, and transparently lied in that response.

December 2009 Meta Thread

Do people think that "Don't Feed the Trolls" should apply to mormon2 in all his myriad identities (sharing numerous matching spelling errors, the same personal insults of Eliezer and Less Wrongers, creationism and other baiting tactics)? He has used exploits on the karma system, lied about his credentials and the links between his identities, and regularly makes rude personal attacks on people other than Eliezer. The only plausibly positive thing mormon2 has done is ask Eliezer for info about his work at SIAI, but he ignores answers and doesn't actually seem interested in answers, only in getting at Eliezer.

I propose the following:

1) Anyone other than mormon2 who has questions they think Eliezer has been inadequately answering can put them in replies to this comment, and then collectively ask Eliezer for clear straight answers.

2) Afterwards, no one responds to mormon2 or any other aliases he comes up with.

An account of what I believe to be inconsistent behavior on the part of our editor

Also, I would imagine it got less benefit of the doubt since it was from someone with a history of trolling posts, from creationism to his numerous personal insults to Eliezer. He has also been repeatedly caught lying, e.g. by Nick Tarleton in the linked thread.