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I was a common south bay member in the meet ups we had a few years ago before our core members decided they would do stuff other than host meetings in the south bay. I'm back from an alternative account I used to use when #NRx was more prominent among members here. I just want to say hello again to everyone on the new website(no clue how long its been since we've had it) but i'm glad to be back and discussing stuff like Jaynes, Solomonoff induction, and how we can best prevent humanities disasters, and indeed perhaps even cause golden ages. I'm a fan of Isaac Levi's work in formal epistemoloy, and I follow the author of the Incerto quite closely. Anyways glad to be back here.

Interesting. Ever hear of the work of Jean-Yves-Girard? (You mentioned mathematical logic) I hear his book "The Blind Spot" is an excellent lecture on the nature of mathematical truth by a seasoned veteran of such difficult affairs.

Alright, i'm going to get enough karma and just start this myself until some one stops me. I also kind of need this, so I don't destroy my life through some other unspecified means.

I do not know if this is the best place, but I have lurked here and on OB for roughly a year, and have been a fellow traveler for many more. However specifically I want to talk to any members that have ADHD, and how they specifically go about treating their disorder. On the standard anti-akrasia topics, the narrative is that if you have anxiety,depression, xyz that you should treat that first, but there seems to be a lack of quantity of members that have this. Going to other forums to talk about stuff like which medication is "better" is filled with a lot of bad epistemology, conclusions, people faking their disorder, and much more. Any other members have it, and want to talk about it? I was hoping there could be maybe a general discussion thread for people with it if enough people have it. I've poured through studies and journals but it is difficult to do alone.